A Summer Like No Other

So there may be questions about why we are not meeting much this summer… It’s because our family is having a summer like we have never had before.

Summer for us is usually day trips to the lake or spray park. 

Not this year!

This year we have set out to make it the most memorable one yet. Not over the top, or something that we couldn’t do every year, but just SPECIAL. This year we went to the mountains for a week. Our youngest child has a goal of climbing a mountain… So after a particularly difficult appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon, we decided to make that dream a reality.

Seeing the surgeon was *really* not a positive experience this time. It was a hard meeting for us, and a harder meeting for our child. We are STILL dealing with the after effects of the meeting, a month later. So, we thought “what Better way to push this to the back burner than to tick off some goals from his goal list?!” 

My child has meylomeningocele spina bifida. L4-S4 or S5. What does that mean and why is it in bold? Well for you to appreciate this goal, you need to understand that. 

What does it mean?
Simply put, he can’t feel his legs most of the time and has very little control of his ankles. There are other things, but those two things are what is important for this story. He is getting more control every day. That, too, is important. For this story and for in real life!

So, back to climbing that mountain! We left the children’s hospital feeling not great. The mountains were a short drive away, and mineral hot springs do amazing things for our kiddos. So, off we went. If you have ever been to Banff upper hot springs, you know that the road splits. One way to the gondola, one way to the hot springs. So, we went to the hot springs. Little mister kept saying “wouldn’t it be cool to climb a mountain?” And older little mister said “sure would” so the hubby and I looked at each other and then at the mountain. 

After everyone was done in the hot springs, we took the road down. Instead of turning to follow the road at the Y, we turned to the gondola. 

Away we went, up the mountain on the gondola. Now, you can technically argue he did not climb the mountain, and you would be absolutely right, but he got to see the view from the top of a mountain, which was exactly what he wanted. It was an amazing experience for all of us. It’s all about how you look at things. Next year, we have an EASY hike up a different mountain planned, we just need to build his muscle groups up a bit more. He’s already stronger than he was at the meeting, because he’s more determined than ever now. He has seen the view from the top of the mountain. And oh how sweet that was. He has had a taste of what life is when you ignore all of the limitations that the medical professionals try to shove at you…

There is nothing sweeter in the world than seeing him grin and say “watch me” when they say “he can’t do that”… And now we will see it far more often. Because he realizes ANYTHING is possible if you’re willing to try, and look for different ways of doing it rather than the traditional ways.

Now we are at the lake for a month, and that has been so good for the kiddos as well. In the water, there is no disability or diagnosis holding them back… It’s just kids playing, having fun with other kids.

Nothing sweeter.

Life is amazing.

Take care of yourselves. ~C


2 thoughts on “A Summer Like No Other

  1. Our kids our amazing and I love that they learn to think out of the box to achieve to what some think is unachievable. Enjoy the rest of the summer !!


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